AN ODE TO A MIGHTY TREE (Celebrating Honourable, Dr Bode Ayorinde as he clocks another year) By Olatubosun David

The dawn arrives in a graceful glee
From the midst of a boredom night
Early dew, in salutary spree
Descends wellness upon natives of earth
Birds of song, 
Chanting _felix natalis_
In sundry sonorous tunes.

It’s your birthday, father!
The sun from distant horizon spies
Amidst the rainbowy clouds;
Conveying message of hope, from the almighty

We know it‘ll be great this day.
Resplendent sunshine glows in grace;
And heaven of bliss speaks of blessings
The hallowed soil beneath, breathes in favour
Because a mighty tree, a day like this
Was planted to nurture mankind.

Sir, as you tread softly, fulfilling God’s purpose
May your lush soil never lack manure 
May your heaven never lack sunshine and rain
May your roots go deeper and deeper
As your branches continue to nourish lives 
With sweet fruits.