Yoruba Group condemns Oyo killngs

The President of the Yoruba Welfare Group World Wide, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje has called on Governor Seyi Makinde to prevent Oyo State, particularly the capital Ibadan from relapsing into the epicenter of violent attacks as it was in the past.

Alawuje made the call in Ibadan on Monday while commenting on the series of recent killings in the state.

Recalled that violence and unrest gripped the Iwo-Road axis of Ibadan, as boys of chairman of the Park Management System, PMS, Alhaji Lamidi Mukaila, aka Auxiliary, allegedly clashed with phone sellers on Wednesday evening, which resulted in the death of an alumnus of the Lead City University, Ibadan, Mr. Rahman Azeez.

Angry youths in their hundreds stormed the Governor’s Office, Agodi Secretariat, to stage a protest, carrying the lifeless body of the victim and demanded to see  Governor Seyi Makinde.

They alleged that Auxiliary was involved in the incident that led to the death of the middle-aged man.

Cult clash

Similarly, about 11 people were allegedly killed following a clash between some youths in some parts of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.

The were reportedly killed on Thursday in a street fight that broke out between Opopo Yeosa, Abebi and Inanlende, all within Ibadan North West and Ibadan North Local government areas.

The killing came about twenty-four hours after a fight broke out at Iwo Road area.

Though a resident of Opopo Yeosa said that six people were killed, another resident from Inalende told Media that twelve people were killed, explaining that seven people from Opopo Yeosa and five people from Inalende were killed.

Hoodlums hijack Egungun festival

In another development, earlier last week, unspecified number of people were allegedly killed by hoodlums who hijacked the Egungun festival.

On the 13th of June, the National President of Soludero Hunters Association, Oba Nureni Ajijola Anabi alleged that “hoodlums” at Oja Igbo area of Ibadan have hijacked the ongoing masquerade festival killing and maiming innocent people.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, Ajijola-Anobi said: "When the Egungun festival began, these hoodlums killed one man at Oja Igbo and Ita Ege areas of Ibadan, killing many people.

“They killed a man four days ago. The man challenged them why they wanted to set his family house on fire. The deceased said he wasn’t the one with the masquerade and that it was his brother. But, they didn’t listen to him. They ended up killing him", he said.

Popular journalist murdered

In a related occurrence, a popular Ibadan radio presenter, Mr Titus Badejo was murdered by unknown gunmen on a motorcycle around midnight on Saturday.

Badejo, a former presenter with Naija FM Ibadan was murdered outside Club 407 in the Oluyole area of Ibadan at about 11:30 p.m.

Popularly called ‘Ejanla”, meaning ”Big fish”, Badejo was also a freelance disc jockey with the club, 

Media reports said the journalist was leaving the club with friends around 11.30pm when he was suddenly stopped by the two masked men on a motorcycle, asking  all of the occupants to lie down.

He was then shot by the gunmen, who left without taking anything or touching the other occupants of the car. 

Alawuje reacted

Reacting to the unwholesome developments, Alawuje said kllings must not be normalised in Oyo state, the capital of the defunct Southwest region and the center of the Yoruba land, saying it's essential for all Yoruba leaders to intervene.

He wondered why the Oyo State capital, which was very peaceful throughout the eight years of former Govermor Isiaka Ajimobi now experience external and internal attacks.

"Banana is getting boiled we say it's ripening, horses are suffering we claim they are dancing, and Yoruba land is burning, but we claim to be fighting for freedom. Oyo state used to be one of the most peaceful states in the country, but recently the reverse is the case".

Comrade Alawuje said he had watched with keen interest, the unwholesome development in Ibadan to study the reactions of those who claim to be fighting for Yoruba interest, as well as the self-acclaimed tribal warriors. He challenged them to fish out the criminals who extra-judicially take the lives of the innocent.

"It's time to stop all these politically exposed thugs from turning our land to something else. We are still mourning the Igangan attack in Ibarapa, now the unnecessary internal crises are claiming the lives of so many innocent youths; the leaders of tommorow. The number of Yorubas killed by the Yorubas have outnumbered the number of those killed by bandits. This is completely senseless.

"We have been manipulated not to see anything wrong in the atrocities of these political thugs, as long as they belong to our political parties. Which one are we going to face. Is it the external attack by the bandits or the internal one by our political thugs", he queried.

YWG President thereby called on the Oyo State Govermor to take serious move to bring the criminals to book.

He warned that people's lives must not be played with politics, insisting that those who were involved in the killngs must not go free.

Alawuje consequently called on all stakeholders in Oyo State, including elder statesmen and the National Assembly members, irrespective of the political parties to come to the rescue and ensure that justice is taken to the evil doers to forestall future occurrences.