Our stream cures infertility and strange diseases -Akungba Clan

By Adeboye Ado, Akure 

As the world is currently experiencing the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic, the Oyofin clan in Okele Quarters in Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, has claimed that their ancestral stream, Okoobo, has efficacious capabilities of restoring fertility to barren women and curing strange ailments and afflictions.

The Chief Priest of the revered river goddess of the magical stream, Chief Muyiwa Otunyemi, the Oloyofin of Oyogin clan, called on women seeking fruits of the womb, natural conception to visit Okoobo to pay homage for an end to their childlessness. 

Our correspondent who was conducted round during the annual cleansing of the stream, observed that majority of the people present were there to appease the goddess named Ajibike. 

Shedding more light on how the stream could be a panacea to the novel virus, the oldest man in the Clan, Mr. Aminu Olaniran explained that any ailing person with huge faith would be healed once the water is taken by the sick. 

He continued by citing instances of people enmeshed in difficulty, but were disentangled by  Ajibike. 

"Infact there was a man who sought for contracts few years ago, he came to Ajibike and without much ado he got the contract, although he didn't redeem his pledge and the goddess didn't even do anything to him.

"Again, many barren women had come to the stream to plead for help and eventually have their own children.

"Infact most of them had beautiful and wonderful children" he said, adding that:

"So if anyone is sick, even suffering from Covid-19, once the person has faith in the water, the person gets healed without delay," the octogenarian ex police officer called King boasted.

"Had it been we came for cleansing during the first wave of COVID-19, we could have called all and sundry across the length and breadth of the country to come over to Akungba for the water." 

Corroborating the words of Aminu, the traditional head of Oyofin clan, Chief John Otunyemi, said the water was used by their forebears who settled in the clime called Apole, adding that the people from Apole migrated to the present day site of Okele Quarters in Akungba. 

Chief Otunyemi stated that the significance of the cleansing was to make the disheveled environment clean, maintaining that cleanliness is next to Godliness. 

He also affirmed that many childless women have gotten children of good repute from the goddess of the stream. 

Oloyofin described the goddess as a magnanimous woman with  a passion to help people in dire need, adding that Ajibike is a problem solver. 

When asked if Ajibike demands in return of her magnanimity, Chief Mrs. Deborah Atere said nobody does something for nothing as there is always a reward for benevolence. 

She said Ajibike only seeks a white hen after assenting to requests. 

" She only demands for a hen after she must have helped you, how much is a white hen in comparison to what many are paying to IVF professionals for conception", Atere said.

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