Sallah Goodwill Message-Pray for Nigeria Safety- Comr. Abdulhakeem Adegoke Alawuje urges Nigerian Muslims

The National President of Yoruba Welfare Group has called on all Nigerians to come together and ask Almighty God to safe Nigeria from collapse. He said this in his goodwill message to all Muslims as they celebrate this year  Eid El Kabir. He charged them to unite and cooperate with the Federal, State and Local Governments and well-meaning Nigerians to engender peaceful and prosperous co-existence among the various diversified people of the country.

Alawuje wondered why is it that whenever elites of this country are in good understanding within themselves, the masses enjoy only twenty five percent of the benefits of the country, and immediately there is misunderstanding between them, the same masses will suffer everything in the country by hundred percent.

Alawuje said in the interview granted yesterday that there is nothing wrong with the country apart from the evil politicians that  want to prove that they are important by disturbing the peace and harmony of the nation anytime their selfish interest is not satisfied.

YWG urged the entire citizenry of the nation to unite and stand against any discrimination based on ethnicity, language, religion or region.

Alawuje called for immediate dialogue within all the socio- cultural groups in Nigeria while  appealing to all our traditional leaders, religious leaders, elderstatemen,  retired military Generals, retired senior public officers,  gifted economic managers, top academicians, and  politicians to come together and assist the country from insecurity, economic and socio-political malady. Leaders cannot fold their hands and be indifferent when things are falling apart. On the other hand, YWG appeals to President Muhammadu Buhari to be magnanimous and extend hands of fellowship to everyone including people in political parties different from that of the President. We need to build the country together, he stressed.

YWG sees Nigeria as a single body. If any part of the body is affected, it would affect the entire body.

Alawuje also warned some individuals and groups that are busy looking for political values to avoid using words and comments that can trigger anarchy, anger, hatred and violent uprising against the people and governments of Nigeria.

It is very unfortunate that the masses of this country who incidentally are the secrets behind the success of all elites of this country suffer most when the same elites are having conflicts within themselves. They used the common people to sabotage themselves, fight their wars and to destroy each other's political empires. At the end, the masses are the one who suffer most in the outcome of such disagreements.

YWG call on Arewa Consultative Forum,  Ohanaeze and all other ethnic groups across the country to come together as a single rescue team for this nation.

The YWG National President said as long as all the socio- cultural groups are only showing concerns about their people alone and not minding what happens to others and our nation, the problems facing the country shall remain unabated.

The greatness of this nation is YWG's priority. 

Our members are patriotic Nigerians that understand the political system and security challenges of this country. That is why we blame nobody for the challenges but everyone for not contributing to the way out.

In the past some of us rose against previous governments on similar situations bedeviling the country and agitated for changes of the governments. Now that we are still experiencing the same problem, it  shows that Nigeria needs fervent prayers and support of everyone not by blaming any individual or ethnic again.

Let us cry to Almighty God who can save us from all our  challenges and people holding the nation backward.

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