Ogundare felicitates christians on Easter

As Christians around the world celebrate Easter, Chief Oluwaseyi Gabriel Ogundare extends heartfelt wishes of joy and blessings to all. In a statement released today, Chief Ogundare emphasized the significance of Easter as a time of hope, renewal, and new beginnings.

"Easter is a time of hope, renewal, and new beginnings. May this joyous season fill your heart with love, peace, and endless blessings. Happy Easter!" Chief Ogundare expressed, echoing the message of millions worldwide who commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Reflecting on the profound symbolism of Easter, Chief Ogundare underscored the importance of embracing the spirit of forgiveness, compassion, and reconciliation. He urged everyone to take this opportunity to extend kindness and goodwill to others, fostering unity and harmony within communities.

As Christians gather to celebrate this sacred occasion, Chief Ogundare encourages everyone to embrace the true essence of Easter by spreading love, sharing joy, and rejoicing in the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Together, let us embrace the spirit of Easter and usher in a season filled with hope, peace, and abundant blessings.