Orphanage Home: Stop the Religious Disparity, Concerned Citizen Blasts Adamawa First Lady

....Hussaini urges Gov Fintiri to build people's legacy not building bridges 

By Abdul Sani Jimeta

Adamawa First Lady, Hajiya Lami Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri was accused bring segregation and disparity among adherents of Christians and Muslims.

Chairman of Adamawa State concerned citizen, Alhaji Hussaini Gambo Nakura blasted the First Lady for becoming religious indifferent and intolerant over the State-owned Orphanage Home located at Karewa, Yola North Local Government area of the state.

Mrs Fintiri according to him was alleged to have said the management of the orphanage home can never be given to a none Muslim even if the person is most qualified to head the motherless home.
Gambo Nakura blasted the First Lady by saying that she is drumming the drums of war and fanning the embers of religious hatred the state is Never none for.

Gambo is a renowned commentator of the Government of Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri worried that Adamawa State is known for peaceful co-existence and that the First Lady be told to leave a good legacy of uniting the people of the state under whichever guise.

He explained that Adamawa Concerned Citizen is an organization with the motto of equity and justice and aims to preach unity among the many tribes of the State.

"She should division among over what is for the entire people of Adamawa State. Whoever deserves or is most qualified to head the motherless home irrespective of religion, tribe, or whatever inclination should be given to him or her.

"She should not divide us with tactics and antics of religious bigotry, when her husband is looking for votes, he canvased to both the Muslim Ummah and the Christian community. Why the disparity in religion now?" Gambo asked

He continued to say that the homeless babies home is housing Innocent kids whose destinies are tied to Foster mothers and fathers who are heads of the orphanage home and they should not be trained alongside religious differences.

Further revealed that the wife of the governor is caught on record and in Many instances making reckless and demeaning comments on other religions and vowed to expose her ugly intentions.

While calling on Governor Fintiri to call on the attention of the First Lady over her statement, he urged him to also build a legacy that will outlive him for many generations to come.

He said there is nothing better than the legacy of building people as the most needed at this time.

He accused the government of Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri of being heady to the issues of the state teacher whom he neglected without paying many of them their salaries and gratuity.

"Whether the government liked it or not he was a product of a teacher. School made to have an edge over others that's why he is a leader today." Gambo said 
He worried that the present government in the state was adamant about the hardship caused by the economic crunch and all he could do was to keep building bridges in the capital City while communities in various local government areas didn't have common feudal or access roads.

"He collects Billion of Naira every month from federation accounts but all he could think of to do is to initiate giant projects for his ulterior motives. As I'm talking to you there are areas in Jimeta where their roads are terrible. You can go through Rumbe, Shinko, Waure Jebbe, Jambutu, behind Agriic quarters, and Dandu in Yola South these areas I mentioned are in the state capital and their roads are in a sorry state. Why don't he work them? The cost of building one over a Head bridge will construct hundreds of kilometers of roads. Or if he wants to build bridges Why don't he build those bridges linking various local government areas of the state ", he said.

Our correspondent made efforts to speak to both the Governor's media aide, Mr Humwashi Wonosikou, and his wife's media aide, Mrs Clara Mustapha through phone calls their numbers are not being picked