Poverty reduction in Africa: Nigeria to partners China in the area of Agripreneurship- Hon Delu

By Tom Garba 

The Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the President of Nigeria on Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, Hon Delu Bulus said Nigerian Government is willing and ready to partner the Republic of China in the area of Technology in Agriprenuership.

Delu revealed this while delivering a speech during a seminar on exchange of poverty reduction and development for Africa officials at people's republic of China,

Delu who head the delegation said Africa as a continent should strive to seek for help amongst other regions in the world in other to reduce the current poverty syndrome.

According to her Collaborating with other continents should be an important priority. This will go a long way in reducing poverty in Africa and requires a multi-faceted approach that includes economic growth, education, access to credit, healthcare, and social safety nets.

Mrs Delu reiterated that the Government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu under her Office as the Senior Special Assistant (SSA) on Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation is embarking on intervention programmes that focus on application of Technology in Agriprenuership value chain.  

"The benefits of science and technology in agriculture in Africa are numerous because the profitability of the agricultural businesses will be improved for the entire agriculture sector and for the benefit of the farmers and eventually, consumers thereby reducing impact on natural ecosystems.

"My Office solicit to collaborate with Governmental, Non-Governmental Organizations and other International Donor Agencies to harness the Agriprenureship potentials that are abound in Nigeria and Africa at large. Understanding the changing needs of the populace means asking, listening and participatory approach at the grassroot level." Delu said 

She led the delegation of other States government officials of Plateau, Imo Jigawa, and Kano and appreciated the Peoples Republic of China supporting African continent over the years, especially now that we're brought to deliberate the importance of farming and how is playing a vital role in poverty reduction.

She emphasized that despite the concept and the regionalisation in Africa, the continent remains one of the most peaceful and contented people in the world. 

She worried that Africa is one of the world's poorest regions, with many people living below the poverty line. Poverty reduction is an important issue that African governments are working to address now.

She said Economic growth, Education, Access to Credit, Heath and Social safety nets are Some of the measures taken to reduce poverty in Africa.