Birthday: Boya, the destiny of a Man with impeccable leadership strides

By: Tom Garba 

He is Young, always wearing a ruddy face and approachable tempos. Hon Aliyu Wakili Boya, the current House of Representatives (HoR) Lawmaker representing the good people of Fufore/Song federal constituency of Adamawa State in the green chambers of the national assembly is setting up another pace in representing his constituents.

Aliyu's prowess in politics  made him  prominence at a relatively young age, a testament to his capabilities and the trust placed in him by the people of his constituency. Having concluded term of two years tenure as a Chairman of Fofure where he left indelible records of good leadership strides that still speaks much volumes. His accomplishments have became uninsertable on the political landscape of Adamawa state. His ability to bring people together, irrespective of party lines, and his unwavering dedication to the welfare of his constituents are qualities that have not only distinguished him but have also earned him the respect of both his colleagues and the public.

Hon Aliyu has indeed been up and doing with the ultimate aim and objective of positively touching the lives of his constituents. Of course, according to analysts and watchers of Adamawa politics, with the failure of the “flawed strategies” of his predecessors, and the meteoric successes Aliyu has recorded within his first year in the National Assembly, it’s easier to concur that he’s been delivering regarding his responsibilities to his constituents. 

This man of amazing Grace has continued to triumph over the vicissitudes of his political life, trials, tribulations, and torments from his political foes even before he won the coveted seat. After trouncing his opponents in the 2023 National Assembly election, he was made to pass through the furnace of fire, as his adversaries amassed false allegations targeted at truncating his electoral victory. He was tarred with various brushes that were at variance with his real personality and labelled with different names. His political enemies and detractors made incessant desperate efforts to forcibly wear on him the cloak of a villain with their series of spurious allegations, especially concerning the authenticity of winning the election. 

But trust the Man of destiny, Aliyu weathered the storm and came out unharmed from the furnace fire of political attacks of his opponents. All you see in him is a Young Man driving with vision and admiration to deliver the dividends of democracy for his people. He decked around fortunes of excellence representation and eyeing opportunities in the national assembly to scramble what is good for the people of Fofure and Song.

In his zest to bring development in the state, most importantly to the people is having their voice heard Strong in the national assembly. To as a matter of urgency and public interest, the visionary within one year of giving good stewardship to the people, is vigorously sponsoring two people oriented bills.

A bill that will establish a Federal College of Education (Technical) in Fofure has passed second reading, heading to third for public hearing.

According to him the college when established it Will offer courses of study in both specialized courses of study to including  teaching instructions and training in technology, applied science, arts, management, agriculture, sciences, humanity and social sciences.

He said the purpose of the college is borne out of the fact that there is no federal college of education (Technical) in Adamawa State at the moment.And the establishment of the federal college of education in Fofure is in the right direction to widen up the scope of access to education to the people of Fofure, Adamawa State as well as all Nigerians.

His second bill for the establishment of the Federal College of Health Technology Song is another bill that breaks the Camel's back for the people of Adamawa State to enjoy more dividend of democracy with better representation.

Aliyu said the Bill for enacting a Health Technology institution Song has also passed a second reading at the hallow chamber of the National Assembly of the House of Representatives. The objective of the bill for the college is to have courses of study in health-related leading to having professional diplomas as deemed fit by the institution's governing council.

Boya while seeking the passage of the bill to pass second reading craved the indulgence of other Lawmakers to understand that the country needs more health professionals to curb the health challenges of people at the grassroots.

Aliyu reminded his colleagues that Nigeria's Population is growing in a geometric manner and the steady continuity of the population bring about the need to train more health professionals to improve the health needs of Nigerian citizens.

He recalled the outbreak of Ebola diseases about ten years ago and the coronavirus disease in 2019 have underscored the need for Nigeria to to have enough efficient health professionals that will be readily available when there's any health emergency.

The certainty in him to have the school established it would be One of such colleges where Health professionals are trained. It's to educate healthcare personnel who can work as a team, provide comprehensive health care to individuals in any community (urban and rural) in the nation, and be up to date on issues of global health relevance." The bill read

Aliyu believe that if the college is established in Song, it will boost the economic activities of the area as Many indirect jobs would be created.

Aliyu enjoined the Youth of Adamawa State and its environs especially those in the Song and Fofure Local Government area pursue and make Sure they have access to education , while  assuring them that he will work hard to see to the establishment of the schools with a follow-up of its bill third reading in the sooner possible time.

These bills have made me to see Aliyu as a Young Man whose destiny is called to serve the people and his leadership strides is tie to development and improving the life of people.

Suffice it to say that Aliyu has been sacrificial and forgiving while at the same time exhibiting values of love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, humility, gentleness, and meekness. He has forgiven his enemies and traducers seventy times seventy and has moved on. He’s a man who doesn’t bear malice against anyone. He has continued to trudge on with his eyes on the ball, shunning unnecessary distractions, despite the various shenanigans by his political opponents and enemies within even the APC in his constituency and Adamawa State as a whole. He has continued to place service to the people before his personal considerations and self. 

For all these, I remember him today as he mark his birthday anniversary. While celebrating him as a leader of thoughtful character and enginuis in his ways. I wish him all the best and pray for him to grow above his weaknesses and primordial sentiments. Happy birthday sir.

Is a Journalist, CEO/MD of the General news, Publishers of Tgnews